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MARVELit DASH is a DASHBOARD solution based on the Apache Jetspeed 2 Enterprise Portal and MARVELit Dashboard Portlets. Unlike other business intelligence solutions available, DASH strives to simplify the process of creating and maintaining a web based business intelligence dashboard for all users.

DASH Installation

  • Download PDF - Download complete install instructions as a PDF

DASH Upgrade

Users Roles and Groups

  • Managing Users , How to add or modify Users who can access the portal

Dashboard Panes

  • Adding Panes , How to add or modify dashboard panes in the portal

DASH Community Edition Functions

  • Adding Levers , How to add Levers (pull down selections) and have them work on a page

DASH Professional Functions

Get all the DASH Community Functions plus:

  • Levers Portlet , Customize levers and place them anywhere on the page
  • Profile Rules , creating specific actions upon login for certain users
  • Using Subsites , how to create dashboards within dashboards for certain users

Q1 2009 DASH Professional Enhancements