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Panes are pages of dashboard content. Panes can be added in a tree structure to facilitate naviation by users. This structure is built by utilizing the Portal Site Manager. If you are an administrator, Access the Portal Site Manager under the Jetspeed Administration Portlets menu item. Select JETSPEED ADMINISTRATIVE PORTLETS than JETSPEED ADMINISTRATIVE PORTLETS followed by PORTAL SITE MANAGER


Site Tree

The Site Tree displays the existing structure of the portal. There are a series of pages and folders under the HOME root. Folders represent menu items or tabs on the menu bar. Pages represent individual panes. Expand on the folder if you want to add content below the folder. Click on the HOME root if you want to add a new folder or a page that will exist on the upper menu (for example WELCOME)


Folders and Sub Folders

In this example, the Administrative folder is expanded. Under the Administrative folder are individual pages. To add a subfolder under the Administration folder - click the ADD FOLDER button. To add a page or link - click the Add Page or Add Link buttons.

The Folder dialog contains the folder NAME (path on the server directory), TITLE, SHORT TITLE (name displayed in the menu for users) and DEFAULT PAGE (the page to be displayed when the main item is clicked - usually the first page in the sub folder structure), the Default Decorator (page look and feel - colors, logo etc.), Portlet Decorator (top color on each portlet) and Hidden. The Hidden checkbox is used to hide from the menu. This is used for click thru pages.

Across the top of the dialog are additional folder tabs. The Security tab may be used in certain circumstances - but the rest are placeholders for additional Jetspeed functions in future releases.

The majority of work in the portal site manager will be on the Information tab.



Clicking on an individual page item - displays the Page in Edit Mode. In this example - we have clicked on the Welcome.psml page (this is the default dashboard page provided in the trial)

The edit dialog contains the Page NAME , TITLE, SHORT TITLE (name displayed in the menu for users), PAGE DECORATOR, PORTLET DECORATOR, DESKTOP THEME (AJAX theme - is not currently a supported feature in this release of DASH) and HIDDEN. Make any necessary updates and click the SAVE or REVERT buttons. to View the page click VIEW. To delete the page click REMOVE.


Adding Pages, Folders or Links

To add a new item in the tree - select your entry point. For example - if I wished to add another page under Administration - highlight the Administration Folder in the tree. To add an individual page on the top menu - click the / or ROOT folder.

Click the ADD FOLDER, ADD PAGE or ADD LINK button to add a new item in the tree.


For pages and folders - the following dialog is displayed. For Folders the name of the dialog is different.


For Links - this dialog is displayed.


For all dialogs - complete the entries and click the CREATE button. The new entry will be added to the Site Tree and can be edited by selecting it.