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Q1 2009 DASH Professional Enhancements

Setting up Dashboard Alerts

We plan to implement a dashboard alerts function as follows:

  • An administrative function - that will create a KPI with applicable SQL to generate a single value.
  • A user accessible function - that will allow users to select the KPI, Frequency, Set Levers for the SQL, enter email address, subject line and email message
  • As part of #2 - the user can also select a report or chart to be included with the email
  • DASH will open a thread - and execute these alerts and process emails as needed. A smtp server will need to be configured to accept the emails.

Print or Export to Applications

  • Our plan here is to add small icons to the page and to a portlet - would probably be a portlet option or a printing portlet that would be placed on the page where you want to place it.
  • Users would click on the icon and DASH would pass the HTML from the page or portlet to the appropriate application.