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After you have downloaded the dash.zip file - unpack it into a folder on your hard drive. Two files will be displayed. dash-installer.jar and the mysql, oracle and sql server jdbc drivers. To start the install process - double click the dash-installer.jar file.


STEP 1 - The installer start screen is displayed. Click Next.


STEP 2 - Accept the Apache License - Click Accept


STEP 3 - Select an installation Folder - Click the Select Folder button to display a select destination folder screen. Select or create a folder for the installation. Click Next


STEP 4 - Confirm Jetspeed Components - Click Next


STEP 5 - Select your desired Database for DASH and click Next. The standard download contains code for Apache derby, MySQL or MS SQL. Derby is an imbedded database and will start automatically with DASH. Selecting Derby will bypass Steps 6,7 as no additional information is needed. If you wish to install on MySQL or MS SQL - click the appropriate radio button and complete Step 6 for your database.


STEP 6 - If you selected MySQL or MS SQL - enter the database details. You will need to create a database for DASH - See: Data Base Preparation For Instructions. If you have downloaded the PDF instructions - see the last several pages of the PDF for details.

The JDBC File for either database was included in the dash.zip file. Click Select File navigate and select the mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar file for MySQL or the jtds-1.2.1.jar file for MS SQL.


STEP 7 - If you chose MySQL or MS SQL - Test the database connection by clicking Next. Resolve any connection errors by modifying the parameters in STEP 6.


STEP 8 - Confirm your Installation by clicking Next


STEP 9 - Click Install to begin the Installation


STEP 10 - View Installation Progress


STEP 11 - Installation is Complete. Click OK to leave the installer.