Managing Users

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Users need to be added in order to access MARVELit DASH. Several screens allow user maintenance to occur. You must have administrative role privlidges in order to maintain users.

To Maintain users - Select the main menu item JETSPEED ADMINISTRATIVE PORTLETS and pull down to SECURITY ADMINISTRATION than over to USER MANAGEMENT.


The USER MANAGEMENT portlet is displayed. To edit an existing user, slect the user name or type a few characters of the name and click the SEARCH button.


Adding Users

To add a user - fill out the ADD USER screen. Type the username, initial password, require password at first login, default role, profile and subsite access. Roles affect what fuctionality the users see in the portal. Usually USER is selected but can be ADMIN if the Administration Portlets need to be accessed.

Profiles determine what default dashboards are displayed. See Managing Profiles or Managing Roles for more information. Subsites are specific dashboard entry points.

Type over the entries in this page and click Add User.


Editing Users

To edit a user - simply select the USER NAME to be edited in the user list.

The EDIT USER portlet is displayed. To modify different data for the user, select the links at the top of the portlet. Initially the ATTRIBUTES data is displayed. Edit the data displayed using the Update and Remove Buttons. Enter new values in the Name and Value - than click Add. You can also Add New Users and remove a user on any User screen.


Editing User Passwords

To change a user password - enter in the VALUE, click change required at next login or uncheck the enabled box to disable the user. Update the Expires values if necessary. Click UPDATE to save your changes.


Editing User Roles

To remove a role - select the check box next to the role and click REMOVE. To add a role - select the role from the pulldown list and click ADD.


Editing User Groups

To remove a group - select the check box next to the group and click REMOVE. To add a group - select the group from the pulldown list and click ADD.


Editing User Profiles

To remove a Profile - select the check box next to the profile and click REMOVE. To add a profile - enter the NAME, select the RULE from the pulldown menu and click ADD.