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Adding Portlets to a Layout

Once the layouts on a pane are added - the next step is to add portlets to the layout. To the far right of each layout is the Portlet Add Box. Click the plus sign and the Portlet Selector dialog is displayed.


The Portlet Selector

A complete list of portlets available in Jetspeed is displayed.


All of the dashboard portlets start with MARVELIT. Type Marvelit in the search box and click search

All of the Marvelit portlets are displayed. The main portlets are Marvelit Meter Chart - Marvelit Chart - Marvelit Report Portlet. These and others are discussed in section

Select the desired portlet(s) to be added and click the ADD link button under the desired portlet. The count will increment for each click on the ADD link - enabling you to add multiple types in one selection

The selected portlets will be displayed in the layout in EDIT mode


Set Portlet Themes

Portlet themes can be changed like layout themes. Decorators can be created and applied to portlets. To apply a theme - select the pulldown menu above the portlet displayed. Click on the desired theme. The portlet will than refresh and the theme will be applied.


Set Portlet Location, Removing a Portlet

After the theme is applied - move the portlet to the desired column on the layout. To do this click the of the arrows next to the layout pulldown menu. UP - DOWN - RIGHT - LEFT arrows are displayed automatically based on the portlet location.


Portlets Ready to Configure

The following graphic shows three MARVELIT portlets added to a three column layout with a theme applied ready to be configured.