Startup DASH and Update DASH Connection

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Start-up and Shutdown

Starting up the Jetspeed portal for the first time will expand all the wars and create a dashboard environment for you. The startup and shutdown scripts are in the /DASH/bin folder.


To start the portal on windows, navigate to the bin folder and double click on the startup.bat file. A DOS window id displayed and messages will display as the portal is started and WARs expanded. The first time the portal is started - it will expand the Jetspeed WARs and build initial configuration files.

Dash can be set to start as a service. See Setup Tomcat as a Service for instructions on how to set this up. Once this done, you will start and stop DASH via services in the Windows Management panel. Dash can be set to start on Windows startup using this method.

To shutdown the portal - double click on shutdown.bat file or close the DOS window to shutdown the portal.

Macintosh, Linux or Unix

To start the portal - you need to execute several commands in a terminal session. Start terminal and navigate to the bin folder. You can navigate to the /DASH folder in the finder, type cd in your terminal window and drag the bin folder to your open terminal window. Terminal will place the path to that folder after your cd entry. Press enter to set the path.

To start the portal - type:

sudo ./ start

Hit the return key. Enter your admin password and hit return. Several messages will display. If there is a JAVA_HOME error - it will display in the window.

To shutdown the portal - type:

sudo ./ stop

Hit the return key. Enter your admin password and hit return. Several messages will display. To close the terminal window - type logout and hit enter.

Execute Startup Scripts

Execute the startup script for your platform.

After the portal is started - wait several minutes DASH to startup.

Login as Admin

Access your DASH installation by entering the following address in your browser:

http://localhost:8080 - this assumes that you are accessing on your machine - otherwise change localhost to a server name or ip address.

The new Login page is displayed:


Login as admin with admin as the password.

You will need to change your admin password at first login. Type admin as the old password and enter your new password twice. Click Save.


After you successfully change your admin password - the demo dashboard will be displayed.

Enter Key

DASH is free - and the necessary key for the program to function is provided in the installer. To view this key - login as admin - select Jetspeed Administration Portlets and pull down to DASH Administration.


Selecting MARVELit Administration displays a page for entering the MARVELit Key, setting the default data source, setting data maps and adding/updating data sources. See Administration Portlets for more information on the Administrative portlets.

The first entry is for entering the MARVELit License key. Copy and paste the key that you received in the email after you registered. DASH will not operate without a valid Key entered into this field.


After pasting in the key - scroll down several pages - pass the data map section and click the Save Properties button.