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The Editable Report Portlet allows you to create portlets to update data directly in your chosen database. It is useful in a number of ways:

1. Direct data entry into transaction tables to be used in dashboards
2. Updating of access and control information by specific users
3. Updating of reference information such as groups, offices, regions, etc.
4. Any other data entry or manipulation of dashboard tables.

Getting Started

The Data Entry Portlet works with an existing Report Portlet to display data in a list. See Report Portlet for specifics on creating a report using the report portlet.

For Example purposes - we have created a report the lists offices. A portion of the report portlet is on the left with the resulting report on the right.


Display Primary Key in Report

An important part of the editable report is the primary key of the table to be edited. In the above report portlet - the Office_Id is the primary key of the Office table. We need to include this key in the report to be used by the editable report portlet.

It is important to note - that you should establish a single column in your table and designate that column as a primary key. The editable report uses this to update and insert new rows into the table. This key element should also be set up to auto increment - that way you do not have to worry about setting the key on inserts

The Editable Report Portlet

Now that we have created a list to use in the editable report - we can configure the portlet.


Data Entry Example