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Levers are the pulldown menus that exist at the top of a dashboard pane. They enable the dashboards to display metrics by different slices - enabling additional analysis to be performed. Levers need to be added and referenced by the individual portlets for them to appear on the panes. The first step is to store the Lever code in DASH.

To Add, Update or Delete a lever - login as an administrator, select Jetspeed Administration Portlets and click on MARVELit Lever Admin.


The Lever List

The Lever List is displayed. This multipage portlet list displays all the Levers that have been added. Links at the top of the list allow navigation to the First Row, Previous Page and Next Page. Click on the New Lever link to enter a brand new lever into the system.

Click on the Lever Name to edit the lever. Click Remove to delete the lever from the system.


The Lever Entry Portlet

Clicking on the Lever Name or New Lever Link will display the Lever Entry Portlet. Enter data into the following fields:

Name: - this is the name for the lever. It will be displayed on the Lever List and this name will appear on the top of each dashboard pane that references it. Make it descriptive like Region, State, City, Customer - etc.

Sort Order: - this is a number that determines what order levers appear on each page. Start with number 1 and enter how levers should be displayed from left to right.


DataSource - This determines what data source the query is used. Click on the pulldown menu and select a datasource. These values are the datasources entered into the data source portlet - see Administration Portlets for additional information on adding datasources.


Query: - enter a valid SQL query for the data source selected. This sql query must contain two values in the select clause - the first value is what is executed in the SQL for each portlet, the second appears in the Lever pull down on a dashboard pane.

Click the SAVE button to store the Lever or CANCEL to start over.

Completed Lever Entry

Here is a completed Lever Portlet entry. In this example the Name is Org1 and will appear if referenced on a dashboard pane. It will appear as the 1st lever from the left.

The Query will be against the Demo data source. The query places a wildcard of 'ALL' in the lever pulldown - and if selected will insert a wildcard character of '%'. This wildcard entry will be combined with the results of the union select statement. The value Org1 is listed twice (once for portlet sql and once for the display pulldown) in the select statement.